Introductions & Purpose

Don’t you find it ironic in a world of technological innovation and pronounced globalization that we–as people, as human beings–can find (or make) such very little time for one another? Rarely do we participate in conversations about the little experiences or enormous epiphanies of our lives. Do we even truly take the time to breathe in the scent of roses dewy in the morning air? Or are we too busy priming our wan complexions with more sleepless nights to care?

This blog is an attempt to carry a conversation–between more than just myself and I or even just Stanford HSU, to learn more about the lives and feelings, the opinions–respective or contradictory–that swim around in the heads of Hmong students (and others) and our interactions with one another about what we find to be truths, self evident or not, but that are never vocalized, never surfaced wholly themselves.

Who are you, who are we? What are you, what are we? Just a few of the general ideas of this blog who’s sole purpose is to keep us all connected in a world where our technology is created to decrease the actual amounts of time we must physically interact with one another–(an arguable point, but that of which is not the point).

So, in conclusion, please join me, please join us–in constructing as collectively as an individually based forum possible, the contemporary experiences of ourselves such that we can better understand one another and our places in the continuum of Hmong history. (I don’t know if the above makes complete sense, but eh…it might one day ^_- and in any case, just go to another post. I promise to be more coherent.)

You can scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and check out posts in categories you find interesting or you can read all the way through. Comments and responses are not required–but greatly encouraged and appreciated. How does one carry on a conversation with oneself if one is not a schizophrenic? If you have any topics you’d like to talk about that are not present on this forum, please let us, let me know.

Participate in our dialogue. Be heard. Even if anonymously.

Also, please note that the opinions represented in these pieces do not necessarily reflect the whole of Stanford HSU. Authors will sign [some more at their own discretion than others] which rants they have come up with alone [as I have done a lot already] and which [when we write them] are written as a whole group en masse.

–Lilian Thaoxaochay


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