About Stanford HSU

The Stanford Hmong Student Union was founded in October 2007 by Hmong undergraduate students interested in facilitating increased education at Stanford about Hmong culture and history; educating themselves more about issues currently affecting Hmong Americans; promoting Hmong enrollment numbers at Stanford and fostering a welcoming community for Hmong and Hmong Americans everywhere who find themselves at Stanford.

More information about Hmong students at Stanford can be found at our website:

You can also email us at or join our mailing list

Contributors to this blog include:

Lilian Thaoxaochay–an anthropology major who sometimes needs to take a chill pill with the analyzing and placement of all experience and reality that occurs around her. She can be consoled and distracted quite easily with spoonfuls of ice cream and in person, is probably an unstoppable talking force once you get her started. Lilian plays soccer and the guitar–not well. She’s originally from Fresno, CA and hopes to graduate “on schedule” by 2010. She’s currently working out the details of proposing to Stanford to let her travel to Laos this summer with her Father to photographically illustrate–in retrospect–the Hmong immigration & flight story.


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